Semitour Périgord, the département’s largest tourism company, is intrinsically involved in the economic development of the region through the management of its famous cultural sites which present, to a certain degree, the face of the Dordogne. 
Semitour Périgord is a reference in the field of innovative tourism.
The company considers it to be its duty to transmit, conserve and promote in a sustainable fashion the different sites which it manages, allowing everybody full enjoyment of the département’s cultural wealth and heritage.”

Our values

Our values


Conception of a project

From conception to creation of the museum space to the programming of educational content through to the training of its guides, Semitour surrounds itself by specialists in the field thus allowing all to benefit from its expertise.


Everyday management

From conception of the sense of the visit to the management of people flow through to the deployment of related services and infrastructures, Semitour is involved in the reception of visitors and the commercial exploitation of the sites.


Sustainable development and promotion

Over and above the conservation, maintenance, restoration and safety of its sites, Semitour implements an improvements and communications strategy for the sustainable development and promotion of the whole region.



Children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, alone or in a group, novice or specialist, local or from far-flung climes, visitors are hugely diverse and Semitour is proud to be able to adapt its offer to each and every one of them.



Our future is enlightened by our knowledge of history and, thanks to the use of new technologies, Semitour proves time and time again that the opposite is true too (augmented reality, digital and interactive technologies).


A network of partnerships

Semitour Périgord also leads a network of partners called the “Grands Sites du Périgord”, regrouping 20 major tourist sites of the Dordogne including chateaux, caves, gardens etc. With a network of more than 500 distribution points and a common communications strategy, the group affords each partner greater visibility.

Our Identity

Our Identity

24 January 1997

With the aim of developing tourist numbers and optimising economic results while, at the same time, respecting the fundamental principles of a public service, the Conseil Départemental de la Dordogne decided, further to deliberation N°: 97184 of 24 January 1997, to create a semi-public, local company to manage tourism which would gradually take over the role of the Régie Départementale du Tourisme.


Semitour Périgord was created at the Conseil Départemental de la Dordogne’s initiative with the intention of it taking over from the Régie Départementale du Tourisme.
For 20 years, Semitour Périgord has been entrusted by the Conseil Départemental with the management of major cultural, accommodation and leisure sites.


Semitour bought the Atelier des Facsimilés du Périgord (facsimiles workshop) in Montignac and created a subsidiary company whose object was the fabrication of replica cave paintings, scenography design and production and related decorative objects.

Since 19 February 2013

Semitour Périgord has been registered with the Registre des Opérateurs de voyages et de séjours (Register of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators).
Its aims are to place the visitor squarely at the centre of all projects; to inject a boost of energy into site management, notably through the professionalisation of the visitor’s reception; to improve the quality of all tourist and cultural offers and to increase economic viability.